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[Pro] Change Your Registered License Domain

If you have an active license that is already registered to a domain, and you wish to change that domain because you are moving your site or wish to use the plugin on another site for example, you have several options depending on your circumstances:

  1. Your still have your site with the plugin running on the old domain (before moving) — follow either procedure A or B.
  2. Your site has already been moved to the new domain or the plugin has already been removed from the old and installed on the new site — follow procedure B.
  3. You lost access to your account — contact us, please provide as much details about your original purchase as you can.

A. From The WordPress Admin

These steps will guide you to first deactivate on the old site/domain, then activate on the new site/domain.

  1. Go on your WordPress admin to Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  2. Scroll to find your Status 301 Premium plugin and find the link License (next to Deactivate). 
  3. Click the link to open the plugin License page. If your plugin does not have this link, you may find a dedicated License tab on your plugin settings page. Or you can follow procedure B below.
  4. On the plugin License page:
    deactivate license
    a. copy the current license key and save it for later (re)use;
    b. select the option Deactivate license for this site; and
    c. hit Save Changes.
  5. After you moved your site to the new domain, or installed the plugin on your new site:

    a. follow the steps above to open the plugin License page;
    b. enter your license key copied in step 4a; then
    c. choose Activate license for this site and hit Save Changes.

B. From Your Status 301 Premium Account

Your premium plugin may no longer be active on the old domain, which means deactivating the license from the WordPress admin is no longer possible. Or you may want to manage multiple domains registered under one license at the same time. In these cases, your best option is to:

  1. Log into your account page.
  2. Open the tab Purchase History and follow the link View Licenses.
  3. On the license page, follow the link Manage Sites and hit Deactivate Site next to the domain that you wish to remove.
  4. Use the field at the bottom of the list to add the new domain with Add Site.
  5. Copy the License key noted above the list.
  6. On your new site, find the plugin License page/tab (follow the first steps from procedure A):
    a. enter your license key copied in step 5;
    b. choose Check license key;
    c. hit Save Changes.

If you need further help managing your domain or you lost access to your Status 301 Premium account, please contact us.