Easy FancyBox Pro

Add Awesome New Features to Easy FancyBox

We’re re-building FancyBox Pro. We still support existing Pro users, but are not selling more at this time. Look for updates in the coming months!

Pro Features

Again, we’re not selling new copies of Easy FancyBox Pro.
This feature comparison is provided for reference.


Media files: Images, PDF, SWF (Legacy only), SVGyesyes
Inline & Iframe contentyesyes
Hosted video: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotionyesyes
Advanced hosted video: VideoPressnoyes
4 Title positions (+2 more for fancyBox 2)yesyes
Styling: overlay color & opacity, border
color & size, default sizes per media type
Advanced styling options:
* Rounded corners
* Inline content background and text colors
Effects: Fade in/out & 2 Elastic transitions
(Linear, Swing)
Advanced transition effects: 30 more elastic (easing) popup effects on open and closenoyes
Automatic galleries
from WordPress galleries or All-in-one gallery
Advanced gallery auto-detection options: Fine-tune media link and gallery auto-detection to match your theme source markup (see instructions)noyes
Compatibility options (theme, browser)yesyes
Advanced compatibility options:
* FacetWP
* Gravity Forms
* TablePress
* WPBakery / Visual Composer – Masonry Grid Gallery
Automatic popup on dedicated IDyesyes
Advanced automatic popup options:
* triggered by URL hash or first link by media type (see instructions)
* Hide automatic popup after first visit
Slideshow effect (gallery auto-rotation) for Legacy and Classicnoyes
Spotlight effect for the light box overlaynoyes
Show/hide image title on mouse hover actionnoyes
Metadata settings per media link: Pass dedicated light box setting per media link via link class (see instructions)noyes
Priority support: One year of Updates and Premium supportnoyes

Before ordering the Pro extension, please make sure you have the free Easy Fancybox plugin for WordPress and it is working correctly on your WordPress site. If it’s not working correctly, adding the Pro extension will not magically fix that.