Easy Fancybox has New ownership!

Here’s what to Expect

A new team is managing Easy Fancybox since late 2023. This post gives a sense for what we’re planning, and talks about big changes and transitions you should be aware of.

Thanks to the long time maintainer!

First, we just want to say a big thanks to the original creator of Easy Fancybox, Rolf. He has maintained the plugin solo, mostly for free, for many years. It is exactly the kind of contribution that helped make WordPress so popular.

Thanks for years of effort! The plugin is in good hands and we’ll maintain it well going forward!

More Active Updates!

You probably noticed more frequent updates since the transition! We’ve been releasing 2-4 times per month. That pace will slow as we finish rebuilding. We will aim for about one release per month in the future.

Easy Fancybox Pro relaunched!

We temporarily disabled purchases and renewals of Easy Fancybox Pro in late 2023 to do some rebuilding.

Easy Fancybox Pro Plugin has been re-launched with a new Pro Lightbox based on Fancybox 5! The updated plugin includes improvements to existing Pro features for the Classic, Legacy, and V2 lightboxes. But the big change is a modern, full-browser lightbox based on Fancybox 5. It has nearly 1-to-1 functionality match with the older lightboxes, plus lots of new features. It also much more performant and flawless behavior across device types.

See Pro Lighbox Demos

New purchase / Account platform

As part of the re-launch of the Pro plugin, we launched a new sales, licensing, and account platform. If you purchased before June 12, 2024, and you still have an active license, you will continue to be able to update the plugin, and you can access the long standing account area here.

People who bought after that date will be entirely on the new platform, and can access their accounts here.

If you bought a long time ago and your license is expired. You should just purchase a brand new license as if you are new user. You old license will no longer work, and cannot be renewed on the old system. All purchase links you’ll see on this website, and in the Easy Fancybox settings area in your WordPress website will all be using the new system.

If you bought a log time ago, still have an active license, and need to re-add it to your website. You’ll need to take some extra steps to add it. By default, a website without an active license will see the the new interface. If you try to add a license, it will show you the license screen for the new system. And if you attempt to enter an old license, it will show as invalid.

To get around this, please add the following line to your wp-config.php file. Here’s a post for how to edit your wp-config file. Adding this will load the older (Easy Digital Downloads) licensing and renewal logic, and the plugin will behave as it did before this latest update.

define( 'EFB_LOAD_EDD', true );

If you do this, remember you need to remove this line if you ever want to use the new license system! For example, once your older license expires, you will need to buy a new license via the new system, and add that license to your site. To do so, you’ll need to remove the line above. Otherwise, if you try to old a new license via the old system, that will also show as invalid.

If you have an active Pro license and have any issues or difficulties with this, please reach out and we’ll help you get everything sorted.

Future Roadmap

Here’s a quick review of what we’re planning:

  • Seeking community feedback and feature requests. We actively welcome feedback and feature requests at this point. We won’t act on every request, but if we see patterns or popular requests, we will. This is a moment where you have a chance to influence development. For now, just send a message via our contact form. Later we’ll likely put up some kind of feature voting mechanism.
  • Refactor and modernize Easy Fancybox code. The free plugin has been around a long time. WordPress, as well as coding standards for PHP and JavaScript have changed. We’ll be working through the code to modernize it and make sure it is aligned with modern coding standards.
  • Maintenance and incremental enhancements. We’ll be doing the usual kind of maintenance and improvements you’d expect for a hugely popular WordPress plugin.
  • Better integration with block editor. For now, Easy Fancybox has effectively no integration with the block editor. We’ll be looking to add that. An example would be adding a toggle to the Image and Gallery blocks to enable the lightbox (vs the current system where you have to add custom css classes).
  • New free lightboxes? We’re strongly considering adding 1-2 new free lightboxes. Easy Fancybox Classic, Legacy, and V2 are *OLD* lightboxes at this point. That age shows around the edges. We can improve them to some extent, but really modernizing them would mean effectively rebuilding them. We’ll be seeking community feedback.
  • New Pro Lightbox Launched! As noted, we’ve already re-launched Easy Fancybox Pro with a new Pro Lightbox and a wide range of features.
  • More Features for Pro Lightbox. We are planning a big range of new features for the Pro Lightbox, including social sharing for images, deep linking for images, and commenting on images within the lightbox. We will also be looking at extending integrations of the Pro Lightbox to other plugins like WooCommerce, NextGEN Gallery, gutenberg block plugins.
  • Better Modal Creation and Options? Easy Fancybox allows users to create modals or popups. We are considering leaning into that functionality and creating a nicer set of features that allows users to easily add and manage modals via the block editor. The Fancybox Modal block would include settings and conditions for how/when to open/close the modal.

Again, we welcome your feedback and feature requests.


Thanks for using Easy Fancybox and being a member of our community!